Strategy & Logic games for schools

Strategy & Logic games for schools

Excellent games that will entice children to enhance their logic and reasoning skills.


From 11.99

A great game of strategy and skill for two players.

Mancala & Oware Games

We have a range of beautiful wooden Mancala/ Oware games from Africa. Best for schools would be the pencil starter set, which comes with authentic Bonduc seeds as the playing pieces.


From 27.49

Fun strategy game with varying levels of difficulty. Great tool for learning about geometry.



Abstract strategy game for 2-4 players. Easy to learn with relatively quick games.




Complex 4 in a row game in which you decide which piece your opponent lays down.



Multi award winning unique strategy game that plays and looks great.



Engrossing strategy game for 2-4 players - Complex 5 in a row game.

Mini Go Sets


A starter economy set for schools. This Mini Go Set comprises a 9 by 9 board for a simpler game, together with a 13 by 13 board for more confident players.



We have basic Staunton designed chess sets, together with more unusual three player chess, Chinese chess (Xiang Qi) and giant chess.

Draughts / Checkers

We have a range of draught boards and pieces, including Giant Draughts.

Brain Master

Out of stock.

Wooden version of the popular "Mastermind" game.

Agon - game of the hexagons


An abstract board game of good strategic interest.


Cuboro Marble Runs

Not a game as such but a fun learning aid that encourages imagination and logical thinking



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