Circus & Dexterity Skill Toys

Circus & Dexterity Skill Toys

Here you will find a great range of high quality fun Circus equipment and skill toys. Suitable for children and adults, beginners or more intermediate performers, these products are a cut above their cheaper alternatives.

Have a browse of our Circus and dexterity range from skill products From classic skill toys like Yo-Yos to street performance essentials such as Unicycles,


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Pogo Sticks

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Spinning Plates

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Indy Standard Trainer Unicycle - 20 - Black

Indy Standard Trainer Unicycle - 20 - Black

The Indy standard trainer Unicycle is a great choice for beginners and keen learners. A robust, basic unicycle at a great price with a comfortable seat.

Play 'Perfect' Hula-Hoop (20mm) | Spinning Hoola Hoops

Play 'Perfect' Hula-Hoop

The 'Perfect' Hula Hoop from Play lives up to it's name, aimed at people who take their hooping seriously and want the ultimate performance hoop.

Henry's Viper Yo-Yo | Top quality Yo Yos

Henrys Viper Yo-Yo (Red)

A classic piece of design & still a yo-yo that holds its own, over a decade since its conception. The Henry's Viper yo-yo is the ultimate versatile model.

Children's Pogo, Yo-Yo, Diabolo Bundle

Children's Pogo, Yo-Yo, Diabolo Bundle

A fun bundle of 3 high quality games for active children. A sturdy pogo stick, a fantastic Diabolo set and a high quality trick Yo-Yo at a low price.

Circus Games Set Stilts, Juggling balls, Unicycle, Hula Hoop

Circus Games Bundle

A superb bundle of high quality Circus performance products for beginners & the more experienced. Stilts, Juggling balls, Hula Hoop & a Unicycle.

Qu-Ax Penny Farthing Gentleman Bike

Qu-Ax Penny Farthing Gentleman's Bike

Renowned German manufacturer Qu-Ax, have produced this marvellous modern day take on the Penny Farthing; It is as twee as it is surreal

Qu-Ax 6 inch Mini Bike

Qu-Ax 6 inch Mini-Bike

One of the smallest bikes in the world - but not one for children! From Qu-Ax, this mini bike is a great alternative to public transport.

Stilts | Aluminium & Wooden Stilts | Circus Equipment

Qu-Ax Adjustable Aluminium Stilts

A great range of stilts for children & adults to practice their circus skills. High quality wooden and aluminium stilts that stand out from the rest.

Pogo Sticks | Junior & Adult Po Go Sticks

V200 Qu-Ax Adult Pogo Stick (Black)

Brilliant, bouncy Pogo Sticks for young & old. A great range of quality Po-go sticks that offer great performance & safety. Why walk when you can bounce!

Diabolo - Buy Diabolos & Equipment - Diabolo Bundles

Juggle Dream Jester Diabolo with Handsticks

Buy Diabolos in a range of colours along with top of the range accessories & bundles. Diabolos are a must have skill toy with endless trick possibilities.

Juggling Equipment | Juggling Balls & Clubs

3 x Oddballs Juggling Balls Pro 'Thuds'

A great range of Juggling equipment. Buy Juggling balls and clubs. Top quality equipment at low prices with quick delivery.

Maverick Slackline - Extreme Balance Sport - Slacklining

Maverick Slackline - 15m

Top of the range Slackline from renowned manufacturer, Maverick. Slacklining is an extreme balance sport. Easy to set up and very safe and durable.

Royal Kendama - Competition Model

Royal Kendama - Competition Model - Blue

The Royal Kendama is one of the few models in the world approved for competition play by the BKA. Endless trick possibilities & robust construction.

V-Cube - Puzzle Cubes

V-Cube Bundle - Beginner to Intermediate

The V-Cube is the best performing puzzle cube available. With unrivalled performance, the V-Cube has the smoothest rotations and a very stylish design.

Tri-It Juggling Bean Bags

10 x Tri-It Juggling Bean Bags

Tri-it bean bags are pyramid shaped bean bags that can be used for a wide variety of activities, from juggling to throwing and catching games.

Spinning Plates - Plate Spinning Equipment

5 x Juggle Dream Spinning Plates & Plastic Flexi Sticks

Good quality, plastic spinning plates with spinning sticks. Available in different sized bundles. Great fun for children's parties, schools & workshops

Chavet Bilboquet - Cup and Ball

Chavet Bilboquet - Cup and Ball (Green)

The French Bilboquet is a variation on the timeless classic, Ball and Cup game. A beautiful wooden construction and a good size.

Kendama Europe Play Monster K - Giant Kendama

Kendama Europe Play Monster K - Giant Kendama

The Play Monster K from Kendama Europe is a giant size Kendama allowing you to supersize your tricks. Robust build and expertly crafted.


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