Garlando Football Tables

Garlando Reputation

Garlando is a well-known Italian games maker and their football tables are particularly renowned for their quality of materials and their innovative and intelligent design. They have a continuous research and development programme and more than 50 years experience which they use to their advantage to ensure they remain at the leading edge of football table manufacture and which has resulted in several patent registrations for table game innovations over the years. For quality, Garlando tables cannot be beaten and the tables are simply in a different league to the many poor quality tables that you will find in high street chains and supermarkets.

Garlando football tables have been used by the British Football Association (B.F.A) at events and the World Championship table in particular well-known to experts as the leading table in the competitve football table arena. Their high-end tables are certified by the International Table Soccer Federation for competition and practice.

Masters Traditional Games understanding of games in general is unmatched and our customer service is second to none. We can advise on Garlando products and are also happy to obtain spares and replacement parts if necessary. Our delivery and service is very swift. To see the full Garlando range, visit our Football Tables page.


Garlando Freeplay Football Tables

For the domestic market and also for offices, clubs and other public places, a Garlando freeplay football tables are manufactured using the same quality and reliable components which are built to last as their Coin-op tables. Compared to most other brands you Garlando tables have

  • Longer warranty / guarantee periods
  • Better safety - Garlando tables are compliant with European Safety Rules on Toys and are suitable for children older than 3 years
  • A larger range to choose from. The freeplay line includes football tables specifically designed for children, 3 outdoor tables, two ITSF authorized models, tables with folding legs for easy storage
  • Multilayer plywood or MDF for the cabinet
  • High stress resistance steel with anti-rust chromium plating for the bars
  • Unbreakable plastic for the players, which are moulded onto the bars to maintain their positions perfectly
  • Steel roller bearings to greatly improve the game speed and feel



Garlando Coin-0p Football Tables

At the top-end of the Garlando range are seriously robust football tables that can provently withstand repeatedly rough use in pubs, campsites, event companies and even prisons!

  • Table frame construction - Garlando do not use chipboard for their table frames - all Garlando coin operated football tables are made of multi-layer plywood secured to metal plates and brackets by screws and bolts. No glue means replacement parts are fitted without trouble.
  • Detachable playfield - to allow easy cleaning and maintenance of the pitch and the replacement of any parts in an extremely simple and handy way, without having to take the table apart.
  • Easy and safe mechanism for opening and removing the cash box.
  • All Garlando tables are equipped with ball bearings as a standard feature, to ensure smooth bar rotation, a great feel and to minimise the risk of the hands and arms getting jarred.
  • Safe holders for bottles, cans and glasses, ideal for public use. Reduces the chance of drinks getting spilt inside the table
  • Choice of coin mechanisms



History of Garlando

Garlando was founded in 1954 at Spinetta Marengo, a small village near Alessandria in Italy, by Renato Garlando and it remains a family business today. From the 1970s, Garlando have been considered a world leader in Football Tables and are often the de facto choice for competitions around the world, including those organised by the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) who are responsible for the Table Football World Cup.

As well as the famous world-leading Garlando Football Tables, the company has diversified over the years and now make other tables such as their successful Pool table range.

From the 1980s when the company was taken over by Renato's sons, Giuseppe and Marion Garlando, the company grew rapidly in terms of employees, factory size and technology. And in 2002, the company were forced to move to a larger and more leading edge premises at their current headquarters in Pozzolo Formigaro, near Novi Ligure. The new location encompasses an area spanning 10,000 square metres and employs more than 60 people.







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